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Amazonite: Stone of Courage & Truth

Just like the colour of deep ocean waters, Amazonite is captivating with its turquoise-green shades. This crystal, more recently, has become quite sought after. It is in our most popular Positivity Mala Necklace. It is a crystal that is commonly sourced from Russia, Brazil and India. This gorgeous stone is known as the stone of courage and truth because it works to empower one to look deeper into ones self and into the hidden truths we all seek. With this energy, it helps us to move beyond fear and work towards the feeling of freedom in ones thoughts and expression. Amazonite is also an extremely soothing stone. It helps to calm the brain and nervous system while balancing the masculine and...

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Intro to the 7 Chakras

     To understand chakras, you need to understand that we are all more than just a body. We each have our own essence. Quantum physics has shown that matter is really just an energy which means are are vibration beings *glass shattered moment*      We'll start with the 7 chakras. They are key centers to our own personal energy field, all located along the spine. Each chakra spins, keeping the energy flowing. when the chakra isn't spinning, it is considered closed, therefore your body can become unbalanced. Each chakra connects and works with the nerves and glads in our bodies allowing the spiritual to effect the physical.      Each chakra has its own colour; colours of the rainbow. Think...

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The Beauty of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is known to help enhance meditation and spiritual awareness.      Commonly sourced from India and Asia, sandalwood has a beautiful natural aroma that is warm and extremely soothing. It is believed to unwind the mind, bring peace and tranquility as well as promote a deeper relaxation therefore increasing the spiritual energy. People are often surprised to know that the fragrance comes from the wood, rather than the leaves or flowers.      In the Buddhist tradition, sandalwood beads are praised as the perfect meditation tool because it stimulates a sense of awareness. Not only does it promote relaxation, it surrounds would with positive energy, helping you to create balance and harmony in every aspect of life.      Regular...

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Fall Equinox & Cleansing

     As the autumn equinox approaches, we start to look deeper into how the energies work during the season and prep for these transitions. Nature's energies vary with each season and help to manifest subtle changes for those who are aware. In the autumn season, nature's energies help to purify and cleanse one's life to make room to plant new seeds (new intentions, values and goals). It is the time to reflect on the previous year so that you can shed the old and make way for the new!      As these autumn forces become more active, the energies can effect and assist us in many ways: Learning how to bring balance within the physical and spiritual Overcoming...

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How I Found My Way

Recently I've had a handful of people ask me "Why mala necklaces?"I always try to give a short answer but really, what led me to mala necklaces is a longer story...      Over 10 years ago I experienced a horrible episode of vertigo. I was in bed for three months straight. A lot of the things I lived, felt like they got ripped from me because of this. I had to stop dancing (I danced competitively) and it was my number 1 passion. Later on, one of the episodes actually damaged part of my eye so I now have distance glasses. I still deal with episodes of vertigo and it led to a lot of emotional challenges and more...

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