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Amazonite: Stone of Courage & Truth

Just like the colour of deep ocean waters, Amazonite is captivating with its turquoise-green shades. This crystal, more recently, has become quite sought after. It is in our most popular Positivity Mala Necklace. It is a crystal that is commonly sourced from Russia, Brazil and India.


This gorgeous stone is known as the stone of courage and truth because it works to empower one to look deeper into ones self and into the hidden truths we all seek. With this energy, it helps us to move beyond fear and work towards the feeling of freedom in ones thoughts and expression.

Amazonite is also an extremely soothing stone. It helps to calm the brain and nervous system while balancing the masculine and female energies within us. It works to align the physical body to the etheric (aura).

This crystal works with ones communication skills. Working with this natural energy helps us to see both sides or points of view of a problem, more clearly.

Working on more of an emotional level, Amazonite helps to soothe emotional traumas and calm down any worry or fears one may have. It helps to dispel negative energy.



Amazonite works with the heart and throat chakras to help enhance loving communication. This crystal also works on helping one use their own intuition therefore it connects with the third eye chakra helping to open it up.



A big reason as to why Amazonite has become more sought after these days, is due to its ability to block geopathic stress and protect against electromagnetic pollution. It is a great stone to place near your computers, televisions and other electronics.

If you are using this crystal to work with the heart and throat chakra as well as your aura, simply wear the stone around the neck just like you would with a Mala Necklace.

Wear the crystal in a bracelet like Mala Bracelets to work as a reminder to communicate with love and pause before making crucial decisions. Always give yourself time to breathe and look at all options to a problem or new journey you are about to go on.

Amazonite is also an amazing stone to meditate with. Use a mala necklace and/or mala bracelet to work as a meditation tool. You can also lay flat on your back and place a tumbled or flat Amazonite stone on your third eye, throat or heart, depending on which chakra you are targeting during the meditation.


"Life id energy, and as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all."

- Donna Goddard

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