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The Beauty of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is known to help enhance meditation and spiritual awareness.

     Commonly sourced from India and Asia, sandalwood has a beautiful natural aroma that is warm and extremely soothing. It is believed to unwind the mind, bring peace and tranquility as well as promote a deeper relaxation therefore increasing the spiritual energy. People are often surprised to know that the fragrance comes from the wood, rather than the leaves or flowers.
     In the Buddhist tradition, sandalwood beads are praised as the perfect meditation tool because it stimulates a sense of awareness. Not only does it promote relaxation, it surrounds would with positive energy, helping you to create balance and harmony in every aspect of life.

     Regular use of sandalwood beads during meditation helps you to become less overwhelmed from everyday stressors. Prior to meditation, smelling sandalwood beads or using sandalwood incense, works to stimulate the chakras and acts as a stress release which can also help with a more restful sleep.
     Sandalwood incense can be lit at any time of day when looking for a bit of peace of mind. A sandalwood mala necklace, although the beads can hang onto their fragrance for decades, can be placed in a sealed baggy overnight. This helps to strengthen the scent of the mala necklace beads for your next meditation practice.
     Our new chakra mala necklace collection will be out soon. Each chakra mala necklace will include the naturally fragrant sandalwood beads. If you are signed up for our newsletter, you will be the first to receive notice when this collection is debuted. Since sandalwood helps to stimulate the chakras as well as spiritual awareness, I knew this would be the perfect bead to add to a mala necklace that will be dedicated to each individual chakra. These mala necklaces will be used for a deeper meditation practice including chakra balancing and activation.

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