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Just a little bit about how we got here...

     Estefan has competed and taught Jiu Jitsu for 8+ years. Although it has been very demanding physically and mentally, he has always maintained an interest for business, especially online. Jiu Jitsu taught him patience, teamwork and most importantly discipline which has helped him in his efforts in teaching himself how to run an online business. He continues to work tirelessly to do what is necessary to grow our business.
     I (Bianca) love the customer service aspects of business. I am a Yoga Teacher (250RYT) and a Reiki Practitioner. After dealing with many emotional challenges and debilitating illnesses over the years, I worked hard to gain the strength and courage to become a yoga teacher because I was determined to better my physical health and guide others to do the same. Yoga provides much more than just the physical aspect such as gaining better body awareness, focusing on breath and working towards mind and body relaxation. Through yoga, I found my way to energy healing (Reiki). In addition, I have always been fascinated by crystals and felt a calling to them. Through my practice of Reiki, I learned about different forms of meditation and how to work with crystals as well. This led myself to start making Mala bead necklaces and bracelets so that I could have certain crystals with me; day and night.
     We have supported each other through this journey and by doing so, I have been able to bring all three of my passions together (Yoga, Reiki and crystal work) while Estefan fulfills his passion for business by operating our online store.

Welcome to Artisan Malas


Bianca & Estefan