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Handmade, Natural Item Disclaimer

    All our products are handmade by us (Bianca & Estefan). Please keep in mind that woods and crystals/semi-precious stones are all natural therefore there may be some variations in the colours, size and design. It's these 'imperfections' that make them shine!


Do you offer a custom design option?

    If you see something you like but feel it's not yet perfect for your taste and want a design from scratch... Email us at with the subject CUSTOM PIECE to set up a time to discuss the creation with Bianca; Artisan/Designer (depending on the design from scratch, additional custom piece fees may be added but will be discussed beforehand). Estimated shipping date will be discussed at the time of purchase.




What is a Mala?

    Mala is Sanskrit for ‘Garland’. A mala necklace consists of 108 beads, a pendant and/or Guru bead. The 108 mala beads are used as a meditation tool to recite, chant or repeat mantras once the intention is set per mala necklace. Mala necklaces are also used as Buddhist Prayer beads, although people who just love semi-precious stones and crystals can wear them as a regular bead necklace.


What is the difference between the styles of mala necklaces/Buddhist prayer beads that you offer?

   Mala necklaces/Buddhist prayer beads vary in style depending on the beads, crystals, semi-precious stones, spacers, pendants and string. With Artisan Malas, we offer two noticeably different styles with much variety.

   The first style we offer is exactly 108 beads mainly made from different woods with a few colourful crystal beads or semi-precious stones. These beads are 8mm in diameter and strung on an elastic string. These are perfect for a more earthy look.

   The second style we offer consists of only crystal beads or semi-precious stones. This second style has a more delicate look, due to the beads being only 6mm in diameter and strung on a 100% pure silk bead thread (which is also very durable). These mala necklaces have the standard 108 beads but also an addition of accent beads (all accent beads will be listed in each mala necklace description).


How do I wear my mala necklace?

You wear it just like you would a regular necklace. The elastic strung mala necklaces can also be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet (be careful how often you wrap it around the wrist as it can weaken the elastic over time). The more you wear your bead necklaces, the more it will absorb the thoughts, intentions, energy and vibrations surrounding the intention, leading to a stronger meditation by sending the energy back to you during your practice.


How should I care for my mala necklace/Buddhist prayer beads?

Mala necklaces have always been considered sacred especially if it is used in one’s meditation practice. Try to keep it dry and store it in a safe place like a jewelry box or small bag. (Something that can be sealed shut is best for sandalwood beads to help bring back the scent that the wood gives off, if stored overnight). If it needs to be physically cleaned, wipe it down gently with a slightly moist towel and wipe dry afterwards. If you would like to clean the energy burn sage over the mala, place in a singing bowl and ring the bowl or place it in the sunlight or moonlight. Try to avoid fully immersing the product in water.


What type of information will be in the Blog and how will that be different from the FAQ’s?

The Blog will answer more in depth questions; questions that take more than a small paragraph to answer. For example: What is a mantra and how do I set an intention for my mala, How do I meditate, How do I infuse my lava bead necklaces/bracelets with essential oils & how do I chose the correct essential oil and so many more! The Blog will also talk about many topics covering everything from Chakras, Reiki/Energy Healing and Crystal information.